guitar with hand closeup in front of waves

We Are In The Tide

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I awoke this morning,
I knew what had to be.
A clear and fresh transforming,
with a swirling symphony.
So to the beach I am driven,
my soul is flowing free.
And soon the cool refreshment,
with the swirling of the sea.

Yes we, you and me,
yes we are in the tide.
We are in the tide.
We are in-
the spin, the spin of the tide.

You know I've been enjoying,
the sea most all my life.
It will always be my magic place,
to stretch the bounds of life.
So much pleasure there, like everlasting life.
The life there small and simple,
the life there smiling love.
Such a grand creation plan,
such wisdom from above.


But we're filling it with poison,
we're dumping everything.
Don't you know it always goes,
that you reap what you sow.
No, it can't go on like this,
there isn't that much room.
A poison sea will surely be
the seal of our doom.


So awake from your mourning,
you know what has to be.
A clear and fresh transforming,
with your swirling sea.
Crush your cans and sort your glass*
and rally for your coast.
When the job's done our course is run,
will raise our hearts and toast.


*(Park your cars, walk near and far) alternate lyric