guitar with hand closeup in front of waves

I'm Here With You

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Early Sunday morning,
The sun is up and the dawn is calling.
Juice is poured, the coffee's warming.
I'm here with you.

Loaded up our car.
We're gonna travel, but not very far.
No promises to keep, no schedules to do.
I'm here with you.

Found a distant hill.
Spread our blanket, the air it was still.
Oh what a view and oh what a thrill.
I'm here with you.

No place that I'd rather be.
Being with you makes me feel so free.
No one that I'd rather see than you.

Making love on a hillside.
Makes me so happy, so warm inside.
No feelings left that I've got to hide.
I'm here with you.

It was early Sunday morning.
Up behind me you kiss without warning.
Can't stop this feeling that's forming.
I'll stay with you.